Planning Your Dubai Safari Park Visit: Ticket Details and Tips

For both visitors and residents, Dubai Safari Park is one of the main attractions. Here, guests may get up close and personal with the local fauna. Anything from bus trips to restaurants with your favorite exotic animal to gorilla and chimpanzee mansions. Study up on everything there to learn about this park, including safari park Dubai tickets price, packages, and admission prices.

The location of Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park As the sixth sub community of Al Warqa, Dubai is situated there. Furthermore, you can take the left ramp into Al Awir Road, E44, which is near to Ras Al Khor Road.

Ticket Types for Dubai Safari Park

Different prices apply for adult and child tickets to Dubai Safari Park. As the tickets and packages are detailed below, you may visit the official website for further information.

One-day Pass

AED 50 for adults, AED 20 for youngsters, and free for children under three is the cost of a day pass to Safari Park Dubai. Also, it consists of:

  • Ten-minute period Sahara Desert Safari
  • Performances Live
  • Little Farm

Children’s Safari Journey in Dubai Safari Park

If you’re searching for something more engaging and adventurous. The Safari Journey is what we then advise. For adults, it costs AED 90; for children, it costs AED 35; children under three go free. This pass consists of:

  • Train services
  • Thirty-five minutes Tour of Sadari via bus
  • Ten-minute Arabian Desert Safari using an electric car
  • Live Performances
  • Children’s farm

The Dubai Safari Park’s events

Areas make up Safari Park. Distinct sections are allocated for various exotic animals originating from various continents. See the amazing activities and experiences this safari park has to offer below.

Arabian Desert Safari

Discover the Arabian Wolf, the safari’s star animal in the Arabian Desert. Along with other breathtaking, unique Arabian creatures, you will get to witness the Arabian gazelle.

Asian Town

The imaginative theater of Asian Village is well-known. where a vast array of animal shows are held. The moon bear, which is their national animal, will additionally be introduced to you.

The Explorer Village

The focal point of the park is this settlement. Along with a variety of other wild creatures, it is home to the swift and irascible Cheetah as well as the hippo, zebra, rhino, crocodile, deer, and many more.

Village of Africans

Your kids undoubtedly like African wildlife if they’ve seen Madagascar or The Lion King. They will encounter the magnificent African elephant, the white lion, and the gorilla in this settlement. Additionally, there are homes for gorillas, chimpanzees, and reptiles in this town.

Youngs Farm

Take your kids to engage with the nicest and kindest animals for an entertaining and informative experience. Kids may feed, brush, and pet friendly animals at Kid’s Farm, a petting zoo.

In conclusion

Take advantage of one of these two summer packages and spend two hours straight on a tour seeing fascinating exotic creatures. There are two tour times: an early morning trip from 8:00 am to 10:00 am and an evening excursion from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Additionally, only six persons can join any tour.

There you have it, everyone. Dubai Safari Park is unquestionably one of the top outdoor activities in Dubai. Don’t forget to check out its location, admission rates, and operating hours.