Top 6 Tasty Foods Under 10 AED In Dubai

Discover Dubai’s culinary treasures without emptying your pockets! Delight in the top 10 AED dishes, each bursting with flavor and priced right for your budget. From savory shawarma to sweetly delicious kunafa, you are sure to relish gustatory views while saving on taste and cost. Take a walk down the Flavor Alley and treat yourself to economical savories that you can buy for less than 10 AED in Dubai.

Shawarma Delights

Dubai is a harmony made of various noises which fill the empty place of the streets with different types of restaurants like shawarma bites offering savory flavor for 10 AED. Indulge your senses by savoring savory strips of meat dipped in marination, rolled in warm pita bread, and seasoned with vegetables and garlic sauce that comes to your delight.

Falafel Feasts

Vegans can shun the exciting taste of meat with falafel as an option that doesn’t look at the ingredients. Contrast in their crisp outer coating, soft inner texture, and deep content of herbs and spices, these chickpea fritters will instantly take you to the Middle East world where you can taste it in every bite.

Hummus Heaven

Take pleasure in the creaminess of hummus not only to get full but without harming your pocket. In Dubai’s restaurantsthey give plenty of this type of dip (made of chickpea) with a good drizzle of olive oil and some paprika sprinkled on top.

Sweet Kunafa

Get your sugary craving satiated by having one serving of kunafa, a dessert originating in the Middle East that is made of shredded pastry, filled with the sweet cheese or nuts, and then drenched with sugar syrup. Even if the flavors of this rich and delicious treat are tempting, you can find it in Dubai at prices as low as 10 AED in dessert shops and bakeries, so it will not be a compass to your bank account.

Flavorful Samosas

There is crispiness while they are being fried outside and filled with the taste both from insidesamosas are a snack that is consumed everywhere across Dubai. Sometimes stuffed with potatoes, minced meat, or mixed vegetables, these triangle sweet things range from the snack to the main meals.

Refreshing Karak Chai

Wheat your appetite and keep yourself warm all at once with some karak chai, the renowned spiced tea of Dubai. Tea-based substitute drinks, black tea milk sugar, and aromatic spices like cardamom and cinnamon, prepared from highly consumed throughout the day is karak chai.

Bottom Line

In Dubai, you are not required to pay for expensive restaurants to enjoy the different mouthwatering meals. Switching to the savory shawarmas or sweet kunafa, you can be indulge in a variety of tastes by eating these 10 quality foods for 10 Dirhams. By doing so you not only save a fair amount of money but also get to appreciate the rich Arabian culture that represents the secret flavors you have never tasted before