What Are the Signature Experiences at Bab Al Shams Resort

The highly awaited Bab al Shams Resort starts in a fascinating next era by offering visitors distinctive and intriguing interactions amid the dazzling golden sands of the dunes far from Dubai. The hotel is an immersing sandy knowledge that is unique to Uae and a revitalizing tale of Middle Eastern culture, packed with intrepid encounters, joyful connections, and an energetic being alive. In addition to offering outstanding cuisine, all-inclusive medical services, and walking safaris, the resort provides superior service.

Stylish Buildings:

The natural colors of the dunes all through daytime, when sunshine and twilight blend in organically, serve as influence for Bab Al Shams, that translates to “The Gate to the Light” in English. The resort’s 115 luxurious accommodations are spread throughout sixteen two-story structures; it’s an updated afterlife with little details that provide peaceful serenity.

Concealed Delights

The resort provides especially striking and aromatic gourmet meals that are influenced by a modern retro interior design. Distinct eatery showcases the finest of each taste, supports local companies, and uses ethically produced goods to further enrich the town’s burgeoning food scene. Al Hadheerah, which is modeled after many traditional Arabic rituals, provides unmatched live entertainment and a multifaceted eating expertise, with live cooking stations, painters, eagles, and camels, horsemen. Beneath the empty sky, the flow of air serves as a bridge between the ancient and the modern. Visitor experience a contemporary eatery with Greek and Ottoman inspirations, spectacular kitchens, and a vibrant atmosphere at Zala, the resort’s signature cuisine. The speakeasy-style Ya Hala is a hidden tobacco club.

Unique Things to Do in the Desert

Nestled among the glittering sands of the Emirati desert, Bab Al Shams provides a variety of unique signature facilities and customized excursions to suit the preferences and needs of every visitor. Take part in activities like off-road desert traveling, riding horses, camelback trekking, and soaring to live in the desert like a historical nomad. The 86-kilometer cycling track in Al Qudra is also available for fat riding and bike rentals for visitors. For guests looking for a unique vista, the resort provides an early morning inflatable a meal takes over the dunes.

The day spa:

Bab Al Shams is a comprehensive medical facility that was created to be a serene haven for care for oneself. The hotel and spa gives its visitors the option to choose between active and peaceful times with a range of attractions. Stepping into a serene illusion is encouraged at the Desert Spa, with its rejuvenating therapies and delicate procedures which benefit from many global traditions and modern approaches.

Lastly, the hotel has created an unforgettable voyage of real sensations named the Mystique of Arabia to celebrate its opening. From $1300 per night, the package includes camel rides, falconry displays, welcome cocktails by the pool, guided nature hikes among the sand dunes, the bow and arrow and an European brunch at Zala’s.